Meet Kelly

It all started on a mild winter afternoon, the soothing sounds of Jimmy Buffett's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" wafting through the hospital corridor, soon followed by the impressive volume of a tiny baby Kelly entering the world and doing her best to sing along.  Fast forward approximately 26 years and slightly larger adult Kelly is a professional actor, avid traveler, and all-around good gal, who is still just doing her best to sing along.

A dancer of 23 years and a singer of 20, Kelly graduated in 2014 from Birmingham-Southern College with a bachelor of arts degree in Musical Theatre.  Ever-curious (read as: over-ambitious,)  Kelly used her college years to not only hone her performance skills but also to broaden her skills to include directing, lighting design, and both stage and company management, in addition to studying abroad in 15 countries through the Semester at Sea program.  She still loves to travel, both for work and for pleasure, and to date has visited 25 countries across five continents and 41 U.S. states, including both Alaska and Hawaii.

When not knee-deep in the working actor hustle, Kelly spends her time learning to play the mountain dulcimer, trying to speak better conversational Spanish, taking photographs that strive to earn their "art" tag on Instagram, and top-secretly penning her memoirs. Additionally, since early 2017, she and her sister, Zoe, have had a biweekly vlog on YouTube, ChiliCheeseVlog. The vlog tends to focus on their travels, "nerdy stuff," and terrible puns, and they have been known to get involved with their close fan base through events like hosting carnival games at their con meet and greet tables, handing out free hot dogs at Quidditch games, and sending out Christmas cards, coincidentally also featuring hot dogs.

Kelly has always said that if she weren't an actor she'd have been an astronaut or a dog musher, but seeing as she is an actor she would like to play one on T.V. some day. Beyond that, her ultimate dream is to be the proud owner of a few friendly, housebroken Nigerian Dwarf goats, but, until then, she says she'd settle for an Oscar or setting foot upon Antarctica in the mean time.

Most recently Kelly has been touring internationally doing educational (ESL) theatre, but when not on tour Kelly is based out of Atlanta and splits her days between theatre work and on-camera projects. Though her passion lies in playing gritty characters with important stories to tell, she strives to live outside her comfort zone and aims to push herself artistically with every opportunity.

She is currently seeking representation, and is available for work indefinitely.

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