K e l l y    i s    a v a i l a b l e    f o r    w o r k    a f t e r   D e c e m b e r    1 5 t h , 2 0 1 8 .
S h e   i s   c u r r e n t l y   s e e k i n g   r e p r e s e n t a t i o n .

Cleopatra: Adventure of a Princess

ArtSpot is a professional touring theatre company with deep roots in educational theatre and ELT (English Language Teaching). Founded in 1997, ArtSpot creates and performs original works and adapted classics for young audiences around the world, combining musical theatre, physical comedy, and meaningful stories in its own fresh and distinctive way. Cleopatra: Adventure of a Princess follows the young queen as she tries to navigate the sudden responsibility of leading her country. Her convictions will be tested every step of the way- will she be able to lead her people to the light?
Kelly can be seen first as Cleopatra and later as Arsinoe in this family-friendly coming of age tale. 

ArtSpot tours throughout South and Central America, Mexico, the Middle East, and East Asia to schools and community spaces. If you are located in those areas and are interested in having ArtSpot come to your school, please visit us at www.artspottheatre.com. 

Cleopatra: Adventure of a Princess tours internationally through December 2018.

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